Kerjasama dengan Pihak Lain

Some Inspirations On Principle
1. If we imagine ourselves with the Trinity, in the spirit of Ignatius, looking down on the earth …., what do we see? More than five billion human beings — some male, some female; some rich, many more poor; some yellow, some brown, some black, some white; some at peace, some at war; some Christian (1.95 billion), some Muslim (1 billion), some Hindu (777 million), some Buddhist (341 million), some of new religious movements (128 million), some of indigenous religions (99 million), some Jewish (14 million), some of no religion at all (1.1 billion) [GC 34, Dc. 5, No. 1].

2. Without in any way relativizing our faith in Jesus Christ or dispensing with a critical evaluation of religious experiences, we are called upon to grasp the deeper truth and meaning of the mystery of Christ in relation to the universal history of God’s self-revelation. “It is the same Spirit, who has been active in the incarnation, life, death and resurrection of Jesus and in the Church, who was active amongst all peoples before the Incarnation and is active amongst the nations, religions and peoples today.” [GC 34, Dc. 5, No. 7]

On Challenge

1. Jesus could be discovered among the poor or the difabel! Is it also possible for us to discover Him among those who do not explicitly follow Him? [Cf. Spiritual Excercises, No. 230]. How could we, Christians, take response and formulate as well as communicate our faith in Christ according to the context we live?

2. Is it possible for us to response the challenge of pluralism as a locus teologicus to build a contextual ecclesiology and Christology? “It (i.e. theological reflection) has to explore the meaning of the Christ-event in the context of the spiritual evolution of humanity articulated in the history of religions” [GC 34, Dc. 5, No. 9.5]

On Implementation
1. In our formation a closer acquaintance with the beliefs and practises of other religions must be given through special courses and actual involvement in a pluralistic milieu….. and initiate common projects for the building of a just social order…..[GC 34, Dc. 5, No. 9.3 and 9.7]

2. Training programmes are organized in view of a wider involvement in dialogue. [GC 34, Dc. 5, No. 18]. Our educational institutions will conscientize their students on the value of interreligious collaboration…[GC 34, Dc. 5, No. 9.8]

3. GC 34 encourages each Assistancy to prepare Jesuits able to become experts in the fourth aspect of interreligious dialogue…. The experience of Jesuits who have approached Muslims with preparation, knowledge and respect has often shown that a fruitful dialogue is indeed possible. [GC 34, Dc. 5, No. 11, 13]

Some Attempts of Implementation


Teaching Internal Among the Christian students (mostly seminarians) in the Catholic university. The teaching accompanied with immersion has taken place since the academic year of 2007-2008.
External Among the students in the State university of Gajah Mada, Jogyakarta. It has taken place since the academic year of 2011-2012.
Seminar Internal Among the Christians (such as the parishioners)
External National and International – among the religious leaders coming from various faith backgrounds
Training Category Participants Scope Programme Length Year of Occurrence
National Jesuits Scholastics studying Philosophy/ Theology from JCAP APTEP[Asia Pacific Theological Encounter Programme] (Annual programme) One month: 3 weeks of class sessions and 1 week of immersion 20112012
Scholastics studying philosophy from STF Driyarkara, Jakarta Immersion programme in a pesantren (Islamic Boarding School) and theological discussion One or two week(s) 20082012
Non-Jesuits Seminarians and religious sisters and brothers Immersion programme in a pesantren(It will be an annual programme) 6 days and5 nights 2012
University students (state and private universities) Immersion programme in a pesantren(Annual programme) 4 days and3 nights 20102011 2012
Personnel’s of the dioceses commission for Interreligious Dialogue Workshop with visit to the communities from various religious backgrounds One week 20092010 2011 2012
International Jesuits and Non-Jesuits Students from Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley, USA Class sessions with immersion 3 weeks 20082011